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Tuesday, October 2, 2007, 9:46:40 PM, you wrote:

> Thinking about the amoral Aelf and the problems attendant on their
> problematic position in a hierarchical cosmology between men and dragons
> leads logically to some other difficulties. It stands to reason that
> dragons, native to an even lower level, are also amoral and without an
> eternal spirit. Otherwise, how could beings with souls be expected to
> worship amoral, soulless, animated debris? What benefit could they possibly
> derive from such worship, intrinsic or otherwise? What could the Aelf, given
> their nature, possibly do in their capacity as gods to or for the dragons
> that the dragons would find beneficial?

> What of Setr, who was somehow half human? Was he morally culpable for
> anything?

A few points:
1) The original inhabitant of the Aelfs' world was Kulili, and she should be worshipped by the inhabitants of the dragon's world.
2) Are we certain that the dragons were originally inhabitants of that world? We know that the Lowest God came from above. In addition, beings from so low level should be weak. Dragons are not weak, nor stupid. They have too many human characteristics.

I wonder whether they are not similar to Osterlings, only more so?

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