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Wed Nov 28 22:27:37 PST 2007

> >On the topic of decoding names, this seems like a perfect opportunity
> >for challenging readers to crack "the bloody three," the names called
> >out at the Sanguinary Field:
> >
> >Laurentia of the House of the Harp
> >Cadroe of the Seventeen Stones
> >Sabas of the Parted Meadow
> >
> >The first names are not an issue here, the "last names" are.
> >
> >"Seventeen Stones" has a powerful link to the Group of Seventeen, to
> >be sure.  Historically there are also stone rings in the British
> >Isles and an old cemetery of slaves in the US.  I find it very
> >difficult to reverse engineer a surname from "seventeen," but maybe
> >I'm looking at it the wrong way.

Harpers Magazine runs brain-stretching puzzles similar to this every
issue and I've never been particularly good at solving them, but I'll
gladly take a crack at Cadroe of the Seventeen Stones.

As anyone who has ever been to Scotland knows, *cod* roe is one of its
national delicacies (especially the smoked variety). And since Seventeen
Stones can be rearranged to spell Stevenson, could this be a reference
to Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson? 

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