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>Dan'l Danehy-Oakes wrote:
>> The ship on Sev's tomb *is* Tzadkiel's ship; at one point, it is implied
>> that there is only one ship of this sort in the Universe.
>Do you have a cite supporting this? A bas relief of the Tzadkiel
>(polygon cross-section, with masts on all sides) would not really
>resemble a single water vessel. "Argosy" can be multiple ships and the
>Tzadkiel has certain plural traits, but the tomb-ship is IIRC always
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"Urth", ch. 8: "We sail in and out of Time, then back again. There is only
one ship, the captain says. All the ships we hail between the galaxies or
the suns are this ship. How can I know how often they have tried, or how
often they have succeeded?"


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