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> Hi. Does anyone have any idea what Chris' last name is? He mentions it
> but never says what it is.
> *spoiler*
> *spoiler*
> It couldn't be Columbus, could it? Nobody really knows where Columbus
> came from, so I suppose it's a possibility especially since time
> travel is involved, and Columbus was around 35 when he first became
> known which gives him 7-8 years in Cuba to raise his younger self
> properly (wikipedia link:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origin_theories_of_Christopher_Columbus)
> has anyone got any devastating counter-evidence? I'm pretty sure I'm
> about to be embarrassed.
Well, a bit of wikipediaing leads me to guess that the pirate adventures
take place somewhere between the 1630s and 1670s. Isn't that a bit later
than Columbus?

Maracaibo was founded in 1529, Portobello in 1597. Port Royal was decimated
by and earthquake in 1697. So we're proabably somewhere in those years, but
leaning towards the 1600's, because Burt mentions Drake beating the Spanish
Armada, and that took place in 1597.

The events which drove the buccaneers to piracy took place in the 1630s or

And if Captain Burt = Captain Henry Morgan, then the sacking of Portobello
took place in 1667. But Captain Burt might not be Captain Morgan. It's
interesting though, check out the wikipedia articles on Henry Morgan,
buccaneer, and Tortuga. Henry Morgan is known to have sacked Portobello, and
also to have revived buccaneer culture. There was also something in there
about some buccaneers having gone into woodcutting before being pulled back
into the lifestyle by Morgan. I apologize for the half-assed post here but
that's what I've surfed from Wikipedia. Wolfe made a point to remind us that
we shouldn't follow stuff we find online too closely in the book. :)
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