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Thanks for the helpful answer, Roy.

On an unrelated note, I was struck how, in his conversation with Sev,
the Autarch says that Inire has been putting together clever
contraptions since the first Autarch - which must make him very, very
old (right?).  I'm sure this has already been discussed, but Inire is
apparently a hierodule (or something of that sort).  

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Eric wrote:
>2) When Severian meets Rudesind the second time before meeting the 
>Autarch, is Rudesind's confusion about where they are - he keeps 
>talking about being back in the Citadel, and how they can check the map

>in Ultan's library - intentional?  Is he hinting something to Severian?

Rudesind isn't confused. He is trying to steer Sev to the meeting with
the autarch, just as he had steered Sev to Ultan earlier. Rudesind is
Inire's man, and Inire is pulling strings, trying to get Sev moving to
the Phoenix Throne. The library and picture gallery in the Citadel are
connected to the House Absolute by way of one of Inire's space/time
twisting constructs. One can walk from one place to the other, and
Rudesind does it often.


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