(urth) A Slow-Moving, Half-Living, Smiling, Pale-Limbed "Statue"?

Jeff Wilson jwilson at io.com
Sun Nov 18 15:04:18 PST 2007

Pedro Pereira wrote:
> Hi, Adam.
> I don't remember the books all that well, but I think that "statue" is 
> exactely the same type of statues that Severian finds in BotNS when he 
> gets near the House Absolute for the first time. I don't remember very 
> well as I said, but my impression is that they are some kind of "robot" 
> or bioengeniered beyings. I think it was clear in BotNS.
> Sorry I can't be of more help. By the way, this is my first post here. :)
> Pedro

Welcome to the monkey house, Pedro.

Bionics (in the literal meaning of "mimicing life") seem to be fairly 
common in  Severian's era, thus the confusion over Jonas' true nature, 
the description of construction mechas as "giants" in the mountains 
around Typhon's tomb, and the particular attention paid to stationary 
statuary like the Eponyms and the allegedly mineralized bodies excavated 
at Saltus. This may be because conventional moving machinery would be 
much less likely to survive from the eras of its creation, while some 
bionics would seem to share the ability of living things to heal damage 
and wear, and so "half-living" machines tend to become a larger 
proportion of those surviving to be observed by him in the time of the 

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