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On 2007.11.15 09:48:09 -0600, Eric Ortlund <eortlund at briercrest.ca> scribbled 0 lines:
>    I think it is singificant that Robert says that "They are the spirits of
>    the future, and we make them ourselves" - something which, from the larger
>    perspective of the novel as a whole, is true.  Isangoma also says,
>    "Tokoloshe remain until the end of the world."
>    The odd thing is that the Christian missionaries don't seem to be able to
>    handle the spectral appearance of Sev and Agia - but Isangoma understands
>    it, is not frightened by it, and offers to dispel the spirits with his
>    song.  (There's a note of triumph in Isangoma's voice as Agia leaves the
>    hut and Sev follows her.)  Robert seems quite shaken in his faith in the
>    whole encounter - as if Sev is torturing him just by his appearance.
>    Perhaps a strike against Christianity and in favor of paganism!  Odd.
>    Thoughts?

I didn't think Isangoma was not frightened by it. Doesn't Robert specifically say to Marie that Isangoma is afraid? And doesn't Robert pale when he actually looks at them?

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