(urth) Severian raising the the uhlan, Zama

Michael Dale undergod_13 at hotmail.com
Wed May 2 23:12:19 PDT 2007

As for Miles and Jonas...

The way I see it is that Miles in the near future is recruited to work on a 
space faring ship... one that might be a bit framilar as in tBotNS, if not 
that ship itself...

Something happens to this ship in the distant future/past while Miles is on 
it and it crashes and/or malfunctions forcing the Cyborg Jonas to aquire 
biological parts until a more sutable replacement is avaliable.  Miles a 
dead crewmate just so happened to be avaliable.

Thus... I do think Jonas took on a part of Miles when he did this... not the 
other way around...

Perhaps the interactions Severain makes with Miles... actually effects 
Jonas's behavior...

Otherwise the rest of the confussion is due to ressurection shock as stated 


>Welcome, Jessica.
> >>As a new member, I apologise if this subject is old hat- I did trawl
>through the archives but couldn't find a reference. I was thinking about
>Severian resurrecting the uhlan, Zama, and Miles. It seems to me that
>when Severian raises the dead he is recreating the person in his mind
>somehow- therefore when he resurrects Zama and the uhlan, because he
>doesn't know anything about them, they do not appear to know much about
>themselves. <<
>The confusion exhibited by newly revivified persons has been termed
>"resurrection shock" by someone, probably mantis. Severian himself
>experienced it at the Sanguinary Field when he apparently brought himself
>back from what should have been death by avern. That's why he had to have
>Dorcas tell him what happened after he was struck, despite his famous
>memory. The loss of identity seems to be temporary, however; Dorcas began
>recovering her memories over the next few months.
>Dorcas herself is an exception to the theory that Sev consciously 
>the person he revives. Sev didn't even know he had revived her until after
>the fact. Triskele likewise.
> >>When Sev raises Miles, he had Jonas in his mind at the time... which I
>think allowed Jonas to hitch a ride, as it were.<<
>I've argued the same before, and I believe others have, too. Another 
>case where Sev may have exerted an unconscious but definite influence is 
>dead assassin who then killed Valeria, as I argued a couple years ago.

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