(urth) Auk's fate?

Chris rasputin_ at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 31 13:53:38 PDT 2007

Auk is still alive when Horn runs into him on Green. I don't recall any 
direct reference to his demise.

>It's been a while since I read the books too (although I'm currently
>re-reading Long Sun and am enjoying it so much that I'll most likely
>follow that up with Short Sun), but I think I remember reading that Auk
>and Chenille wound up on Green where they were survived for several
>years before being killed.  I don't have a reference to point to,
>though, and the way the the books are written makes it difficult to look
>things up unless you already know where they are.
>Does anybody else recall what I'm recalling, or am I completely off base?
>Matthew Groves wrote:
> > I like Auk too, especially in that pair of scenes surrounding Silk's
> > caper at Blood's villa -- his shriving beforehand and his laughter at
> > Silk's adventure afterward.  He's a great foil for Silk.  As for what
> > happened to him, we're just not given that much information.
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