(urth) Give Me Joy

Dave Lebling dlebling at hyraxes.com
Tue Mar 13 17:08:54 PDT 2007

A very funny book. If you don't know Chicago (which I don't) it's fun 
trying to "find" the area using Google Earth.

-- Dave Lebling, aka vizcacha

Recursive Loop wrote:
> Which is what we fans of Patrick O'Brian say to ourselves, or to each other, when something good
> happens.
> For me, that would be finding "A Walking Tour of the Shambles". Even better, it is signed not by
> one, or two, but all three of the participants! My first autographs from Wolfe and Gaiman, my
> second from the utterly wonderful Gahan Wilson (I was lucky enough to meet him once and he is as
> funny in person as he is with his drawings).
> Good stuff.
> Fred Kiesche
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