(urth) Auk's fate?

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I think when I read that, I just imagined Auk kicking a whore. I  
think he did mean the he kicked Jahlee _in the same fashion_ as Auk  
would have, but there may be a reference to a specific ocurrance that  
I don't remember. Interesting.

On Mar 29, 2007, at 5:09 PM, Fred wrote:

>  I'm new to all of this, and I've been searching these archives for  
> a while now. I've not been able to find much discussion on Auk,  
> especially in the short sun books. In RTTW, Horn/Silk says, "I  
> struck Jahlee with my fists, and when she fell I kicked her like  
> Auk. A day may come when I can forgive myself of that."
>  Why did he kick Auk (or did he mean he kicked her like Auk might  
> have or something?)? One of the most frustrating things about these  
> books was waiting to hear about Auk, and then when he's mentioned,  
> he gets only a passing mention in an earlier chapter with Hide and  
> his village. What happened with Auk?
>  Thank you very much.
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