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Mon Mar 5 08:19:47 PST 2007

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SciFi Newswire (scifi.com/newswire) talks about the upcoming issue of
F&SF devoted to Wolfe. In doing so, it mentions Pirate Freedom:

"Wolfe said that the ideal of freedom has been running through his work
lately, and "Memorare" is just one manifestation of it. "March's hopper
[spacecraft] is a 21st-century version of Chris' pirate ship in Pirate
Freedom [to be published in September]," he said. "Chris is the son of a
mafioso in Cuba. He slips backward in time to the great age of [western]
piracy, lives for about two years as a sailor, a buccaneer and a pirate,
then slides forward in time to the time of his own birth."

More info on the F&SF issue (sounds like a must for GW fans) at:


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