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Hello everyone,
I have been reading through the Urth lists on occasion for some list for quite some time now. However, I did not notice until tonight that it was not all dead. That in mind, I decided to write posing a query for you all. 
With the success of The Lord of the Rings, many fantasy and science fiction literary works are seeing new life on the big screen.
Gene Wolfe, although a critically acclaimed author by all means, is completely unknown by anyone outside the box. I myself would not know GW if I had not accidently found a complete hardcover edition of the Book of the New Sun (The one with a close up on Severian in a twilight local with frizzy hair and a six-pack of abs featured on the cover) in my brother's box of old books. I have read the New Sun series three times now, and I constantly feel like it could easily, if done right, be the next big thing. There are just so many scenes beautifully articulated in the book that could be displayed with greater ease in visual format. The Duel on the Sanguinary Fields, Vodalus' feast, Severian's adventure in the House Absolute, the confrontation with the alzabo, the fight at baldander's castle, and the whole battle in the north screams the word "epic". Perhaps a movie format would not do the series justice, but I can think of a Television mini-series easily accomplishing that. In that way, you could still have all the hidden items littered throughout, maintain the first-person narrative, and because of the former, have watchable through repeated viewings.
Bad idea? Probably I know, but hey, it would at least Mr. Wolfe some more success that is due to him.
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