(urth) (Urth) Tracking Song and The Call of the Wild

Nigel Price nigelprice at onetel.net
Tue Jun 12 07:52:41 PDT 2007

Matthew Groves wrote:

>>I am tempted to expound upon the correspondences
>>between "Tracking Song" and _The Call of the Wild_
>>(beginning with their titles), but I don't want to be
>>a bore. I will say that the first chapter is
>>suggestive as to the significance of Cutthroat's
>>"birthmark," the last chapter as to his murderous
>>nickname, and in the penultimate chapter, I think we
>>find which sled is the Great Sleigh, and what it

I'm feeling very stupid at the moment. I've read "The Call of the Wild", and
even read it within the last couple of years, but at the moment its
connection to "Tracking Song" entirely eludes me, even though "Tracking
Song" is one of my favourite Lupine tales. Far from being bored, I should be
deeply fascinated, Matthew, if you would expound upon the correspondences.

Please, I should really like to hear about this!


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