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I read "New Sun" first. I came away from it convinced that Wolfe was a phenominal creator of worlds but only a so-so writer. I thought that because:

1. Wolfe failed to make clear and/or resolve key plot elements by the end of the book.

2. Wolfe would go into great detail describing something Severian's childhood relationship with a dog or enjoying quiet-time in a mausoleum and then relate the death of the alzabo in a single sentence.

Now, of course, I realize these complaints are like criticizing Rock&Roll music because "it could lead to dancing". The next Wolfe story I read was "The Fifth Head of Cerberus" and suddenly I "got it". At that point I began telling people that Wolfe was THE finest science fiction writer period.

So I don't know where to start with Wolfe. Probably, a recommendation from a someone you trust is the best introduction to Wolfe.

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  Hey Evryone,I have a question for you all...
  I have a couple of good friends I want to turn on to GW, what is a good strting point? Don't want to scare them off to soon...
  I'm thinking "Strang Travelers" or "The ISland..." ,or should I just give them Shadow and Claw and be done with it???

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