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Fri Jun 15 06:43:17 PDT 2007

Let's try that again.  That will teach me to use bleeding edge technology
(Safari win beta)!

I got started with BotNS, and that's what hooked me.  However, some of the
people I've recommended it to couldn't get past Shadow & Claw.

I don't think I'd recommend a collection of short stories to the person.  I
can't seem to sit and read through a collection, and find myself picking
stories to read based on their titles, summaries, or what I've heard.  If
instead you had your own list of selected short stories, I think that could
work well.  That way your friend could try out a few without too much
investment.  Some of my favorites:

The Hero as Werwolf (Castle of Days?)
The Death of Doctor Island (The Island of Doctor Death, etc.)
Tracking Song (The Island of Doctor Death, etc.)
The Ziggurat (Strange Travelers)
Queen of the Night (Strange Travelers)
Rattler (Starwater Strains)

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