(urth) The Morality of the Hierogrammates

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It seems to me, though I couldn't quote chapter and verse, that there is a
reference or more than one to the disruptive effects of the WF's gravity


> brunians at brunians.org wrote:
>> There's this white hole moving through the solar system, see, before it
>> hits the Old Sun. It's stellar sized gravity well causes the changes on
>> Urth.
> If the White Fountain is indeed a white hole, intended to undo the
> effect of the "black beans", it need not be on the order of a star in
> gravity well, only on the order of the beans' total. Also, being a white
> hole, it may have an inverted or otherwise unusual distribution of
> gravity.
> As for the flood, a mass as small as the moon can cause considerable
> tides on the earth, so that the White Fountain can be 1% of earth''s
> mass, maybe smaller, depending on how close it comes.
> "Additional" water can come from wrecked dams and reservoirs, from the
> wreckage of Abaia's tidal power devices, and such. Even today, enough
> water is kept from the ocean by man-made structures in the northern
> hemisphere to have a measureable effect on the earth's rotation; in a
> few chilliads, who knows how much could be waiting to burst loose?
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