(urth) The Morality of the Hierogrammates

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As for who cares, perhaps Wolfe does.
A theme of his is natural explanations for the supernatural, such as the
magic of Devil in the Forest, or the mystery of the Pelerine cathedral in
I contend that the feasibility of the flood is a deliberate puzzle.  The
event that is the culmination of the whole byzantine process is not
something to be hand-waved away by scifi pseudoscience in a book this
serious.  I think it's purposely something that cannot be explained by
physics in an endogenous system, but should be explained nonetheless.


On 7/23/07, brunians at brunians.org <brunians at brunians.org> wrote:
> There's this white hole moving through the solar system, see, before it
> hits the Old Sun. It's stellar sized gravity well causes the changes on
> Urth.
> Who knows (or cares, particularly) if the physics is right?
> .
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