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Is this Isaac Luria the Spanish Qabalist you are talking about?


> On Thu, 19 Jul 2007, Paul B wrote:
>> Well, Severian's attitude to details is famously bad  - he tends to
>> include,
>> interpret and omit things liberally.  It's furthermore not too
>> surprising
>> that he mis-identified the old man some years later as he grew more
>> shrunken
>> and old since Severian's memory is provably faulty at times.
>> Interestingly,
>> he even mis-identifies himself on the funerary bronze in Shadow, and in
>> his
>> similarity to Ouen, which in Citadel was described as uncanny.
> I think that's a detail from Luria's description of his mnemonist, who
> had difficulty associating a profile view and frontal view of the same
> person.
> David Duffy.
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