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Yes. The old man is ... I'm forgetting his name, but Dorcas' husband,
and Sev's own grandfather, whom he meets again in the Gardens.

On 7/19/07, Paul B <pb.stuff at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thank you for clearing up the previous one, I'm heartened enough by that to
> try my luck again with another question:  In Shadow, end of Ch. 2, when
> Severian describes his drowning vision, he says he saw Malrubius.  However,
> at that point he's questioned by "An old man, a boatman from his tar-stained
> clothes" about it, the man asks whether he actually saw a woman.  Of course
> Severian does see the undine, and hears Thecla, but doesn't answer.   The
> puzzling thing is the identity of the man, and how he knows what he does.
> Let me know what you think!
> My own speculations are thus:
> Judging by his familiarity with the situation - he's confident enough to ask
> a clarification of something as ephemeral as a vision, so he must know what
> he's talking about - he's familiar with a version of Severian's story told
> at another time.  However, the odd thing is that Severian doesn't appear in
> any time so close to his starting point.  In fact, the closest documented
> time preceding his birth is the age of Typhon, when he travels down Gyoll,
> isn't it?  He does encounter a lot of boatmen then, some of whom become his
> disciples as the Conciliator, but that is so far removed that it seems
> unlikely that they preserved that minor a part of his tale.
> The first Severian's time traveling is undocumented as best I know, though
> apparently both S1 and S2 are Apu Punchau at some time, and since his tomb
> is in the necropolis it's possible that he has in fact visited some time
> period much closer to his birth and that's where the story diffuses from.
> However, these are very vague.  Even though Severian often bumps into echoes
> of himself, they are usually much more defined ones, that's why I'm curious
> if there's a better explanation.
> Paul
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