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Thu Jul 19 09:07:28 PDT 2007

--- Rex Lycanthrosaurus <lycanthrosaurus at fastmail.fm>

> It's extratextual and was mentioned in an interview
> conducted by Robert
> Frazier for a fanzine called Thrust in 1982:

> Wolfe: "There was the time when Severian encountered
> assassins in the
> Secret House who had come to kill Ymar, an autarch a
> chiliad dead. I may
> write about that sometime.

I'm assuming this is the episode that ends up in Urth
of the New Sun? If so, then this is important because
the assassin clearly singles out Severian to die and I
believe the consensus was that he was sent to kill
Sev. As many of you know, I believe that Severian and
Ymar are essentially the same person. This just
increases my belief in that theory.


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