(urth) Seven American Nights question

Nigel Price nigelprice at onetel.net
Sun Jul 15 07:53:05 PDT 2007

Aaron Singleton asked:

>>This may sound like a stupid question: What causes the ocean to turn
at the beginning of Seven American Nights?  The American on board becomes
very offended when Nadan points this out to him.  Any help is greatly

Doesn't sound like a stupid question to me.

I imagine that the yellow colouration is caused by sand and mud carried out
into the ocean by rivers flowing from the American interior. America has
been blasted by war and bombs which have destroyed nearly all the
vegetation. No longer secured by the roots of trees and plants, the top soil
has come loose and blown and washed away. Now the rivers are washing all
this loose topsoil out into the sea, where it discolours the water.


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