(urth) Madame Serpentina's computer code- Free Live Free

Maclean Jessica Jessica.Maclean at nzpost.co.nz
Wed Jul 4 15:27:33 PDT 2007

Hi guys

Having just re-read Free Live Free, I was again intrigued by the
mysterious code Madame Serpentina enters on her computer, quite early on
in the book. After some research I have discovered that the main text
that is repeated "INRI ADAM Te DAGERAM AMRTET ALGAR ALGASTNA" is taken
from a Rembrandt painting entitled "Faust". Although no "official"
explanation or translation is provided (by Rembrandt or anyone else), I
found an obscure website which suggested that INRI ADAM Te DAGERAM
Michael/Mordecai, guardians to the spiritual realm,) and Tetragram Graal
Satan (God, Grail, Satan, no further explanation given). The story of
Faust has two main versions- Marlowe's is that of a doomed Faust who
makes a pact with the devil in order to acquire occult knowledge, while
Goethe's Faust is eventually redeemed. 

So Serpentina is a Faust figure.... I guess a Goethe Faust as it appears
she is redeemed in the end. Has anyone learned anything else about the
code, or the meaning of other words?

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