(urth) Dark Alchemy

Nigel Price nigelprice at onetel.net
Wed Jul 4 04:25:06 PDT 2007

There was a review by Lisa Tuttle of a new children's fantasy anthology
called "Dark Alchemy" in the Summer Books section of Saturday's Times (The
Times, 30 June 2007, Books, p9). The book is edited by Jack Dann and Gardner
Dozois and includes a new story by Gene Wolfe.

Does anyone know any further details about the Wolfe story or the anthology
in general?

There's an Amazon UK page about "Dark Alchemy" here
ef=sr_1_1/202-0018527-4487019?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1183546692&sr=8-1 but it
doesn't give many specific details about the contents.


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