(urth) Pas's gammadion and the voided cross

Matthew King automatthew at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 21:03:12 PST 2007

On Jan 21, 2007, at 9:31 PM, Chris Mulder wrote:

> Well, the more I read, the less of a firm idea I have of what it  
> looks like. I guess the sign of addition is a plus-type cross, but  
> a voided cross? what does it mean to void a cross? Like a null sign  
> through a cross? or like the four 90 degree angles of a maltese  
> cross?  A photo would be most illuminating.

  Some of the interesting posts on this topic in the archive:

Referencing a Wolfe Q&A session:

The full Q&A post, since I have trouble finding it when I want it:





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