(urth) The ending of 'Soldier of Sidon' (spoilers)

Tom Foster tbfoster at ntlworld.com
Thu Feb 15 01:02:32 PST 2007

Following on from my previous post concerning the ending of 'Soldier of 
Arete' (thanks to those who replied), I have now finished reading 'Sidon' 
and once again have a question about the book's conclusion: why do Qanju and 
the rest seem to go off and abandon Latro so readily, especially given that 
Wolfe has just spent two pages giving us the various principle characters' 
promises of aid to Latro (pp292-3)?  Obviously, Sahuset has got what he 
wanted from Latro (the scroll - what exactly was on it?) but all seem to owe 
Latro rather a lot and it seems unlikely that they would be happy to leave 
him behind without even looking around for him a bit...  I was pleased that 
Myt-ser'eu came back for him though!

Overall I thought that it was an enjoyable (and less confusing/demanding) 
read, but not as satisfying as the two Greek novels.


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