(urth) The ending of Soldier of Arete

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Sat Feb 3 06:24:36 PST 2007

Latro is depressed about the slaughter of the helots by the Spartans,  
not by Pasicrates.


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> On Tue, 30 Jan 2007 04:20:44 +1100 Tom Foster
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>> A long-time lurker writes, though I have posted several times
>> before in the past...
>> I've been re-reading the first two Latro novels in preparation for
>> 'Soldier of Sidon', and have just finished 'Arete'. I remember
>> finding the ending confusing on first reading several years ago,
>> and had hoped it would be a bit clearer to me this time round,
>> having read many posts in the urth archives, and some Robert
>> Graves and Herodotus. However, I still don't really understand
>> what happens, event-by-event so to speak (though much of the rest
>> of the events of the two books as much clearer this time round,
>> mainly thanks to past posts on this list).
> The ending is pretty confusing. I posted my interpretation a few
> weeks ago - should be in the archives, fwiw.
> On Polos: Pasicrates is pederastically infatuated with him and has
> molested him at least once in the past. Polos now says that he'll
> try to be Pasicrates' lover if he'll just let go of his anger at
> Latro. This is .... icky.
> On Latro's depression: I've never understood why Pasicrates is the
> cause of this, either.

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