(urth) The Tomb of the Unknown Severian

Jeff Wilson jwilson at io.com
Thu Dec 20 20:00:09 PST 2007

Tony Ellis wrote:
> Joel wrote:
>> It could also be a tomb fashioned by the "original" Severian, the
>> Severian who failed the test in UotNS, went back in time, and...
> and Jeff Wilson:
>> Given that Sev1 succeeded in becoming Autarch but failed in Yesod...
> Where does this idea come from that 'the first Severian' failed the
> test in Yesod? I've always understood that he passed.
> Severian doesn't tell us either way, but surely the fact that the
> first Severian ended up with the power to walk the corridors of time
> is a pretty big hint?

Did he? Can you point out the relevant text?

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