(urth) Cumaean???

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Sun Dec 16 16:23:01 PST 2007

On Mon, 17 Dec 2007 08:35:33 +1100 Michael Dale 
<undergod_13 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>I always figured that Auk was intended to build a terminal for Pas 

>on the colony Planet (which the Inhumi prevented).  This is why 
>Pas gave him all the engineering data of the Whorl, not just to 
>repair fliers.  

I think this is right. 

Maybe also explains SilkHorn's frustrating omission of any details 
of his meeting with Chenille & Auk in Sinew's village on Green. I 
assume that he arranged for the release of Auk and Chenille, 
somehow, and so Auk is now free to embark on a Mainframe-building 
project if he still has the skills and desire to do so.

As SilkHorn makes quite clear in his wedding address and his 
conversation with Remora at the end of RTTW, he is concerned about 
the prospect of Mainframe coming to Blue/Green. He is careful not 
to draw attention to the possibility of Auk accomplishing this now, 
and he acts to establish the Outsider cult as a pre-emptive 
antidote to it.

On the other hand, I guess he's probably also protecting Auk, who 
was surely responsible for reprogramming his lander so it would 
make the Blue/Green trips while lying to its passengers (it 
pretends to be going to the Whorl, when Horn and Sinew are on it). 
Especially if his lander is the *only* way the inhumi get from 
Green to Blue, I guess nobody is going to be erecting Auk statues 
in the town square if they get to hear about it. This would surely 
have come up in the conversation in the cellar of Sinew's house: 
SilkHorn wants to ask if Auk etc have any idea about how the inhumi 
got to the Whorl, and the issue of inhumi getting to Blue would no 
doubt have arisen.

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