(urth) Cumaean???

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Just to weigh in here on the age issue, Sev comments that the core of the 
Urth has cooled (this is on a reflection about the new sun and a volcanic 
metaphor)  Any idea where that would put us time wise?

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>>I'm guessing Dan'l is referring to the scene where Severian, IIRC,
>>describes climbing a sheer cliff with strata after strata of human
>>artifacts exposed by erosion.  How would a geologist account for that?
> And the miners of the village of Saltus mine artifacst and detrius of
> habitation rather than minerals.
> This could be from tels - mounds grown up from long habitation. But
> the impression is given that this is the common condition across Urth
> which would be some feat.
> Those however are still not on a geological scale.  One thing that
> does suggest those sorts of times.  The mountains that have since
> Typhon's prototype all been carved into the likenesses of Urth's
> autarchs.  When Severian comes across uncarved mountains we might
> think that the carvers didn't reach that far.  But _he_ thinks that
> they have been thrust up since the old mountains were carved.  And
> this is close to where he decends that cliff of artifacts - I think
> the reader is supposed to believe that geological ages have passed.
> Pedro Pereira writes
>>South America seems to be basically the same as now
> Except that the main drainage is not West to East but North to South?
> If the continent has spun 90 degrees might we be allowed a few new
> mountians in the process?
> Matthew
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