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Too bad Milford Wolpoff wasn't there to present the other view. I
understand the sparks fly when those two are in the same room.


> Howdy,
>   I seem to remember a thread about the evolution of Neanderthals a while
> back. Last week I attended a talk at the Bohemian Grove by Don Johanson,
> director of the School of Human Evolution and Social Change...and the
> guy who found "Lucy".. called "Did your Wife Marry a Neanderthal"
>   It was fascinating and funny, and I took some notes and thought I'd pass
> on what the current thinking seems to be.
>   Homosapiens and Neanderthals and The Asian man (Please excuse my lack of
> proper scientific terms, I'm a Bass player Jim, not a Doctor...) from
> Heidelberg Man in Africa. Left Africa @ 1.7 Million years ago.
> Neanderthals got caught in a European Ice Age and were Isolated @
> 500,000 years where they Evolved into, well what they evolved into due
> to the climate etc.
>   Home Sapiens came to Europe 40,000 years ago.Didn't seem to think they
> killed the N's, didn't need to. They were just more advanced with better
> tools and simply pushed the less adaptable N's out of the way until the
> only place left for them to go was Gibraltar, where they went extinct
> @25000 years ago (not sure on that #). The 2 species couldn't have
> mated, or if they did the offspring would be infertile.
>   He said to expect a big news release this Fall, hinting it had to do
> with the leap from H  Man to H Sapien. Current speculation being the
> "Creative Explosion" happened in South Africa @ 70,000 years ago, but
> new evidence may put it much earlier.
>   The Q & A was interesting. Some of his Colleagues/Rivals in the field
> were there, and a point of contention to this theory is that if HS's
> came to Europe 40,000 years ago with dark skin and brown eyes, is that
> sufficient time to evolve into  Blond Blue Eyed HS's by the time we have
> the first record of such individuals. He had no good answer.
>   What else, N's were cannibals, buried their dead, had some tools and use
> of fire.
>   Off to the UK for a week Ta Ta
>   Stuart
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