(urth) Wolfe at Nasfic

crownrw crownrw at slu.edu
Sun Aug 5 15:40:14 PDT 2007

It's been a long time since I've posted but I'll delurk
momentarily since I had the privilege of meeting Gene and
his wife this morning at Nasfic in Collinsville, IL.  He
held a Kaffeeklatsch and, to my amazement, there were only 5
of us in the room, including Gene and Rosemary!

Best line of the day:  Gene was talking about having known
Rosemary since they were children and I, unknowingly playing
the straight man, asked him if they were able to finish each
other's sentences.  Gene replied, "If I go to prison, I
expect Rosemary will finish my sentence."

One bit of news:  he has two unsold novels, he has completed
the second draft of "An Evil Guest" and has another titled
"The Sorcerer's Tale" (or "The Sorcerer's something", I'm
not sure I caught the last word right).  He also mentioned
he likes to write shorter works when he gets "noveled out"
and there should be another collection coming out at some

The 5 of us spent a very pleasant hour talking about a
variety of topics and the time was too short but so it goes.

Gene was also on a "writing hard science fiction" panel in
the afternoon and mentioned as his qualifications his one
Analog story (or Analog-type story?, I didn't recall that he
had ever published in Analog) the exact title of which
escapes me but is about winning the first world war and the
Long Sun series set on a "generation starship."

Well worth the $30 one-day admission.

Returning to lurk mode,
Ron Crown

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