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Nathan Spears spearofsolomon at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 21 16:17:20 PDT 2006

As an organizational comment - isn't what you are looking to create something like a Scofield's Bible?


Assuming the wiki would be more structured than "Chapter 1: An endless series of comments", etc, you almost need a chapter and verse breakdown of the book for cross-referential purposes.  And you also need editors who will condense comments into appropriate lengths for insertion into the main body of the wiki, and link out to longer essays that touch on a verse but for whatever reason (length, theme, etc) don't belong in the main body?  I'm imagining here someone re-reading the BotNS and looking at the wiki simultaneously, getting play by play, with links to appropriate other places in the wiki.  Then at the end of the chapter or book or tetralogy are essays dealing with themes and all that sort of thing, which don't really have a place in the "flow" of reading the book.

So basically you need a few people to agree on a structure and then impose it rigorously; otherwise the wiki will be like the list but with more hyperlinks.  Which wouldn't be terrible but the other would be more fun.

Sorry to blither so long but the wiki iss a pretty exciting idea and it got me thinking.

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I'm not going to involve myself in the administration or policy of the
wolfewiki, but if the interest is there and we're ready, I can provide
the domain name (wiki.urth.net or some such), and-- unless someone
with more experience would rather host the actual wiki software, I can
set that up too.

- ranjit
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