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    >Severian. That and, of course, the hidden coin is false gold. Why would
>Vodalus have been carrying a counterfeit coin?
  I think this is intended to show us how cheap Vodalus' apparent romantic nobility is -- it shows him as a common and mean-spirited grifter at heart.
>Severian discovers the false nature of the coin given him by Vodalus because it resembles the false coin Dr. Talos gives him at the end of Citadel.
  This is an excellent point, and I think this event clearly is meant to contrast Vodalus and Talos.  Talos is a con man too, but is (1) up front and open about his graft; and (2) honest with others about his intentions even when it doesn't seem so (because they don't want to hear the message he's communicating).  This gives Talos a form of integrity which contrasts well with Vodalus, who conceals graft and treachery under a virtuous and idealistic seeming.
  Hope in this post that I'm not doing any of those complicated things that make the Theanthropos cry.
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