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Hello Roy,

Monday, September 18, 2006, 7:12:06 AM, you wrote:

> JWillard wrote:
>>Where I put you, there you lie,
>>Never let a stranger spy,
>>Like glass grow to any eye,
>>Not of me.
>>Here be safe, never leave it,
>>Should a hand come, deceive it,
>>Let strange eyes not believe it,
>>Till I see."
>>This bit's always nagged at me, and I think this is why: It almost
>>sounds like a hypnotic chant.  A chrisos=gold=sun is hidden then
>>protected by this incantation: as the sun in Sev is hidden by some kind
>>of post-hypnosis?  So he doesn't see, or others?  Either way, this
>>passage has always seemed extra important, and this is all that makes
>>sense to me.

> I don't really have much to add except to point out that when the
> incantation is repeated near the end of CITADEL, "glass" has been replaced
> with "grass". I don't know if it is a typo, or an error by Wolfe or
> Severian. That and, of course, the hidden coin is false gold. Why would
> Vodalus have been carrying a counterfeit coin?

> -Roy

Because Vodalus is counterfeit New Sun.

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