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> If so, it's a sort of ex post facto foreshadowing
> (oy, what
> a concept); Wolfe almost certainly didn't invent
> Apheta
> or that particular way of creating a star until
> Hartwell
> prevailed upon him to write the sequel.
As a writer myself, who's discussed this point with a
lot of other writers, I can tell you that this sort of
"ex post facto foreshadowing" happens quite often. 
It's a result of what Steven King calls "the boys in
the basement" going about their work and producing
what the author needs not only in the current chapter
or book, but beyond what he or she has consciously
planned for the future of the project.

The wondrous feeling, "So *that's* what I was up to!"
is one of the real delights of writing fiction.



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