(urth) A very interesting interview indeed

Mo Holkar lists at ukg.co.uk
Thu Sep 7 13:34:46 PDT 2006

At 20:36 07/09/2006, Adam wrote:
>"The fact that you stand there and let someone 
>hit you in the face  doesn't do anything to 
>eliminate violence (it may even contribute 
>to  further violence) —which is one of the 
>underlying themes in The Book  of the New Sun."
>That seems a very explicit repudiation of one of 
>the more memorable  passages in a book that's 
>generally considered to be a pretty 
>huge  influence on Wolfe's work generally and BotNS in particular.

Mm, I picked up on that too. Perhaps a synthesis 
of that passage with the one about coming not in 
peace but with a sword. I guess that may be part 
of what he means when he says later in the 
interview "I am a practicing Catholic, although I 
don't think that designation would give people 
much of an idea about what my beliefs are"...


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