(urth) Close Reading: Torturer Chapter I

nastler nastler at yahoo.dk
Wed Sep 6 00:10:21 PDT 2006

--- "Roy C. Lackey" <rclackey at stic.net> skrev:
> One other thing I hadn't noticed for all my reading:
> Sev had it in for
> Drotte. Vodalus had fallen and was defending himself
> with his cane-sword. "I
> remember thinking what a fine thing it would have
> been to have had such a
> sword on the day Drotte became captain of
> apprentices, and then likening
> Vodalus to myself." Apparently, Drotte had done to
> Sev what Sev would later
> do to Eata when Sev became captain -- establish a
> pecking order by brute
> force. But I digress.

I noticed this on the re-read too, the four
apprentices are Severian, his "friend" Roche, their
"captain" Drotte, and the "boy" Eata.

Also in this chapter the first (but not last)
"tableau" consisting of a "beast" man, an "armed" man,
and a woman.


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