(urth) Wiki (was Close Reading: Torturer Chapter I)

Jon Capps jon at joncapps.net
Tue Sep 5 14:40:38 PDT 2006

powens wrote:

> Long time reader - first time poster (I think) Wouldn't this be a good 
> time to start the Wiki? So that it can be added to as we cover each 
> chapter?

I have a hosting account that has not reached its domain limit, so I can 
setup a wiki for the list if people want it.  But this month is 
*extraordinarily* tight for me, so I cannot afford to purchase the 
domain name.

So, if the list wants it, and can decide on a domain name, and someone's 
willing to donate the $10 or so to get it (or to register the domain 
name oneself), I'll volunteer to host/admin the Urthwiki.

Or, if it is decided that the wiki should be under the urth.net domain, 
I might be able to work with Ranjit on getting something set up.


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