(urth) Close Reading: Torturer Chapter 1

Jack Redelfs jackredelfs at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 21:51:41 PDT 2006

> I can't help but wonder why Severian was called in to assist with the
>Revolutionary given his pre-existing relationship with Thecla, which even
were it
 >not intimate was certainly close enough to create a clear conflict of
interest in
>the client/torturer relationship

The masters well knew about Severian's relationship with Thecla, in general
if not in detail. I think they required him to torture Thecla to, shall we
say "break him," or disillusion him of ever becoming close to a client
again. I don't think they could of foreseen that he would have slipped her a
kitchen knife, as indeed Severian seemed surprised himself. I think the
masters trusted that in the end Severian's loyalty to the guild would win
over whatever inner conflict he felt. He was indeed loyal to the guild – it
was the only home or family he had ever known.
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