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Mon Oct 30 13:50:33 PST 2006

I've been among the many who fretted about the confusing identity of the
narrator - is Horn/Silk, Silk/Horn, just Silk, etc. I've often found it
quite frustrating that Wolfe would be so stingy with the clues about this.
Leading to a dizzying plethora of theories, standard for Wolfe but
especially pronounced here.

I was rambling over the archves, looking into this topic, struck by how
easily the discussion ascends into into semantic absurdities and flights of
fancy. Suddenly I was struck with an absurdity of my own: the argument
reminded me very much of the questions that tore apart the early Christian
Church (is God in the Son or of the Son? etc), and my question is this: is
Horn/Silk two thirds of a kind of trinity? If so who is the third? Pig, the
Outsider, Oreb (the white dove of the spirit dipped in black ink)? Is there
an analogy to be made between Horn/Silk with the Catholic trinity? I don't
have the slightest comprehension of the Catholic trinity, but if someone
here does, would a consideration of that help us understand the nature of
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