(urth) Give Me Joy!

Fred Kiesche godel2escher2bach at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 25 07:49:12 PDT 2006


Huzzah, found first editions of the BotNS and Urth for
a sane price. They are on their way to me. I bought
the "Book" in paperback from Timescape (at the time
that was all I could afford!) and re-bought them in
their Tor Orb trades. But I've always wanted

(The subject line, BTW, is Yet Another Literary
Reference. This time from the wonderous Patrick
O'Brian tales of Captain "Lucky Jack" Aubrey.)

          Fred Kiesche (FPK3)
  My books are water; those of great geniuses are wine. Everybody drinks water. (Mark Twain, "Notebook")
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