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Tue Oct 31 05:47:29 PST 2006

Scott K writes: (snips)

>However, I think it is wrong to attribute Jolenta's beauty to any surgical 
>skills of Dr. Talos. That >would be a case of explaining his abilities in 
>terms of our own age, i.e., he is a doctor so it may >have been a kind of 
>plastic surgery as we know today, or something faster and more advanced.

>the term glamour didn't always mean mere beauty or celebrity as it does to 
>us, but it is a kind of >illusory spell.  I believe the Doctor may have 
>cast this glamour through some potion or advanced bio-mutagen

Some good points are raised. I'll mention that the scene with The Cumaean, 
at the end of Claw, spells out in rather specific detail what was done to 
Jolenta.  As I remember, silk threads were sewn into her hair, her teeth 
ground down and capped, healthening broths cleared up her skin and metal 
wires and bands were attached to her skeleton.  The potion (the effect of 
which is lost as she loses blood) redistributes her flesh.  Perhaps her 
large eyes were achieved through a belladonna type poison, as it was for 
Thecla as a girl.  Definitely a faster process than whatever we might have 
today-  Jolenta was ready for the stage a few days after her treatment.


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