(urth) The littlest apprentices

Dan Rabin wolfe-lists at danrabin.com
Mon Oct 30 21:19:15 PST 2006

At 11:06 PM -0600 10/30/06, Roy C. Lackey wrote:

>I don't know what happens to those too tall to pass the test, those who
>might be old enough to remember their mother.



1.  They are released somehow--apprenticed to another guild that 
takes orphans, or, more likely given the nature of the age,
2.  they are executed (by legal authority, of course) as being 
natural enemies of the regime that they will remember as having 
tortured their mother.

The logic leading to #2 might be satisfied by indenfinite confinement 
of the child.

But just occurs to me that we know exactly what the Order will do 
with such childrean: exactly what they are commanded to do.  They 

   -- Dan Rabin

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