(urth) The Katharine maid

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Fri Oct 27 00:27:32 PDT 2006

 Tim Walters quoted and wrote:

>On Oct 26, 2006, at 9:17 PM, Roy C. Lackey wrote:
>> I was hoping someone else would do this. Yes, he is referring to
>> her as his
>> mother.  But, as I said, borne is the past participle of bear (to
>> carry).
>> Born (no "e") is the past participle of bear (to give birth). Borne
>> and born
>> are not interchangeable, which is why they have separate entries in
>> my old
>> _Webster's_.
>My old _Webster's_ says:
>born, a. [pp. of bear (to give birth): now used only in passive
>constructions not followed by _by_.]

Precisely. My _Webster's_ says the same thing. That's why Wolfe didn't write
"born by"; he wrote "borne by". "Born" has nothing to do with the sentence
in question. The word isn't in the sentence.

["Perhaps I was too distant from myself, from the Severian of bone and flesh
borne by Catherine in a cell of the oubliette under the Matachin Tower."]


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