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> Of course Severian won't openly 
> tell US who his parents are...so if they know they had to figure it out,
> as we did.

Actually, Severian names Catherine as his mother in Chapter XLIV of

"Perhaps I was too distant from myself, from the Severian of bone and
flesh borne by Catherine in a cell of the oubliette under the Matachin

This also seems to contradict Roy Lackey's supposition that Severian was
borne outside the Matachin. (As Autarch, not only could he disband the
torturers' guild, but also confiscate their records, thereby confirming
the above.)

As for the woman portraying St. Katharine being a khaibit, a chem, or an
eidolon, while interesting to speculate about, can't say I favor any of
these approaches. One of novel's central conceits seems to be that
Severian meets *all* of his family at some time or another, with us as
readers to determine who is actually kin and how each potential family
member is related to Severian. (I'm hoping if the wiki-project is
launched it will include drawn renditions of the various proposed family
trees.) To therefore accept that Severian meets the literal embodiments
of, say, his father, his paternal grandparents, and his sister (whoever
she may be), but only the spurious equivalent of his mother strikes me
as cheating and untidy, and not true to Wolfe's overall gameplan.

My 2 chrisos worth, if perhaps counterfit.   
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