(urth) _Dhalgren_: Scathing Towards Women? and a few ?'s aboutSev

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Mon Oct 23 17:34:53 PDT 2006


I disliked "Urth" at first, for much the same reasons you suggest. I thought
it, well, _unnecessary_.

And perhaps it is unnecessary: but thanks to others on this list (especially
Alga, whose absence in recent times I greatly regret), I reread it and was
far more impressed. It does explain much that the tetralogy proper leaves
only suggested; but it also adds new questions, and indeed seems to
introduce some paradoxes, points that are quite hard to resolve both with
itself and with _tBotNS_.

I loved Urth, but for different reasons than I loved BotNS.  BotNS was 
almost incredibly rich without being boring.  This is more than very 
difficult. BotNS was actionpacked and still gave the sense of being a 
morality fable like Silverlock and <hmmm> Ralph Bakshi's Coonskin?  Urth was 
meeting an old friend I'd thought I'd lost and learning interesting things 
about him/it that I didn't know before.
Some authors--read all these long series making yawns of the past 2 decades 
would still be milking this milieu.  After all, there's an awful lot there 
to millk.

I think, whatever Himself says, that Urth forced itself out of his mind in a 
manner perhaps reminiscent of the birth of Venus, and perhaps for the same 
reason.  To get her off his mind.


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