(urth) Catherine, Cyriaca and baby Severian

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Roy C. Lackey wrote:
> Dan'l wrote:
>> Okay, here's a side note on the "Who played Katherine?" question...
>> Recall the attitudes people have towards the torturers. Where are they
>> going to find a woman who willingly works with them, year after year?
>> And a woman who can apparently be beheaded without dying?
>> Now, think about Jonas........
> Okay, I'll bite. A friggin' 'female' android as Holy Katharine? Are you
> serious? That would really screw up Severian's family tree. <g>

I can't say it's without textev, given Hethor's paracoita speech.

> While checking a spelling just now, I took note of Severian's persistence in
> referring to the female as a "maid" when he recounted his own elevation
> feast -- ten times in about three pages. My old _Webster's_ first definition
> of maid is: "1. a) a girl or young unmarried woman. b) a virgin."
> I don't know why I never noticed it before, but that many references to a
> "maid" is hard to dismiss. Minimally, it suggests that, if Ouen got
> Catherine pregnant and she was Severian's mother, she can't be the maid in
> the ceremonies.

I'm telling you, she must be mom's khaibit du jour.

> Where do they grow those damn khaibits anyway? 

The witches' tower.

> And what does the khaibit get
> out of the deal?

pampered existence, similar to the recent _The Island_

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