(urth) The Death of Doctor Island Movie

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Mon Oct 16 15:05:14 PDT 2006

On Oct 16, 2006, at 10:19 AM, peter heyneman wrote:

> In terms of translation to pure visuals, definitely. WK, like most  
> of his
> books, has so much shifty narrator business and perspective-skewing
> mysterious detail-dropping that turning it into a movie would be  
> almost
> impossible to do right--it'd lose much of its quality and become  
> another dry
> Sword and Sorcery tale. His short stories, especially from that  
> era, rely
> less on the voice and more on the image.
> In terms of appeal to 15 year old WOW players, I agree Wizard/ 
> Knight is
> perfect.

My vote is for Free Live Free as the best Gene Wolfe story to be made  
into a hugely critically successful film that is a flop at the box  
office but becomes an incredible cult hit as internet forums and  
mailing lists being to dissect it and use screenshots in various  
memes, etc.

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