(urth) The Death of Doctor Island Movie

Mo Holkar / UKG lists at ukg.co.uk
Mon Oct 16 13:12:09 PDT 2006

At 18:38 16/10/2006, you wrote:
> >> Care to expound on why you find it offensive?
> >
> >I was thinking the same thing.  I mean there is some violence in
> >there, but nothing more than you'd find in any of his other books.
> >Heck, he had an executioner for a protaganist.  So what did you find
> >offensive David?
>Oh, blatant misogyny.

I think a reader dead set on avoiding misogyny would have to avoid 
quite a lot of Wolfe's work. In my case it's something I put up with 
for the sake of the rest of the writing, but it does make me feel 

He's far from the only SF writer with whom that's the case, of course.


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